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LiRI - Linguistic Research Infrastructure

About us

LiRI Steering Committee

LiRI Directors
LiRI Directors: professors Noah Bubenhofer, Volker Dellwo, Martin Meyer

Prof Volker Dellwo - president of the LiRI Steering Committee, professor of Phonetics, vice president of the executive board of the Zurich Center for Linguistics, head of the Phonetics Lab and of the Center for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics, professor of Phonetics

Prof Noah Bubenhofer - member of the LiRI Steering Committee,professor of German Linguistics

Prof Martin Meyer - member of the LiRI Steering Committee, professor of Evolutionary Neuroscience of Language

Prof Guido Seiler - president of the executive board of the Zurich Center for Linguistics, professor of German Philology


LangTech group members:

Dr Johannes Graën - head of Language Technology team, database engineering and programming

MA Stefan Bircher - system administrator, IT services & scientific programming

Dr Tilia Ellendorff - linguistic application engineer, expert in natural language processing

Dr Jean-Philippe Goldman - linguistic application engineer, expert in natural language processing

Dr Daniel McDonald - linguistic application engineer

MSc Igor Mustač - computer scientist and software developer

MSc Yuliia Parfenova - computer scientist and linguistic application engineer

MSc Nikolina Rajović - linguistic application engineer, specialst in information and communication technology

MA Klaus Rothenhäusler - scientific programmer with specialization in natural language processing

MA Jonathan Schaber - assistant LIS team & doctoral student SNSF project affiliated to LiZZ

Prof Dr Gerold Schneider - linguistic application engineer, expert in natural language processing

BSc Bernard Schroffenegger - linguistic application engineer, scientific assistant

BA Ahmet Yavuz Uluslu - scientific assistant

Dr Teodora Vuković  postdoctoral researcher in VIAN-DH project

Dr Jeremy Zehr - linguistic application engineer


NCCR@LiRI group members:

Dr Guanghao You - head of NCCR@LiRI group, data aggregator and database expert

BA Alon Cohen - web developer

Dr Nianlong Gu - data scientist, machine learning expert

MA Remo Nitschke - research assistant

Dr Sumit Kumar Ram - scientific database manager

Dr Erik Ringen - data scientist with specialization in statistics

Dr Megan Wyman - postdoctoral researcher


Stats&Machine Learning group members:

PD Dr Sandra Schwab - head of Stats&ML group, data scientist with specialization in statistics and linguistics

MA Huw Swanborough - data scientist, MRI and machine learning expert

MSc Alessandro De Luca - data scientist, machine learning expert

MA Zirui Huang - research assistant

Dr Andri Manser - statistical consultant

Prof Dr Audrey Bürki - statistical consultant


LiRI Lab manager:

MA Andrew A. Clark - lab manager and technician


Data Acquisition officer:

Dr Dagmar Jung - data acquisition officer, with a focus on fieldwork-based data acquisition


CLARIN & LiRI Corpus Data Community Manager:

BA Maaike Kellenberger - Corpus Data Community Manager


Management&Admin group members:

Dr Agnes Kolmer - operative leader and manager of the LiRI project and unit

MA Sarah Krause - administrative associate

MA Raffaela Zaugg - administrative assistant

BA Mirela Ratoi - student assistant

Cooperation partners

Language Respository of Switzerland (LaRS) @ SWISSUbase , a national platform for the publication of linguistic research data / University Library Zurich in collaboration with SWISSUbase, Dr Andrea Malits, MA Florian Steurer

CLARIN Switzerland Consortium / Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure in Switzerland, CLARIN-CH, hosted by the Zurich Center for Linguistics, Dr Cristina Grisot (national coordinator)

Science IT (S3IT) / Central IT UZH, Service and Support for Science IT, Dr Marcel Riedi

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof Shanley E.M. Allen, TU Kaiserslautern, professor of Psycholinguistics and Language Development, dean Faculty of Social Sciences TU Kaiserslautern

PD Dr Alexander Geyken, Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, leader of the center for digital lexicography of the German language

Prof Katrin Skoruppa, Université de Neuchâtel, Institut des sciences logopédique, professor of speech and language therapy

Prof Stuart Rosen, University College London UCL, professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Prof Isabell Wartenburger, University of Potsdam, professor of Patholinguistics and Neurocognition of Language


2023 LiRI staff

Dr Nicholas Jourjine - postdoctoral researcher

MSc Pyros-Orfeas Bollano - student assistant

2022 LiRI staff

Dr Sabine Güsewell - statistical consultant

2021 LiRI staff

Edward Anin - student assistant LIS team

Dr Elisa Pellegrino - lab experimental officer

BA Nick Sommerhalder - assistant

BA Zino Wellauer - assistant

2020 LiRI staff

MA Adrian van der Lek - assistant

MSc Ghazi Hachfi - assistant

Dr Lei He - lab manager

BA Xueying Liu - student assistant

MA Catherine Yoko Okaya - student assistant

BA Andrea Santos - student assistant

2019-2020 LiRI preparation phase, funded by URPP Language and Space and the Zurich Center for Linguistics

Dr Taras Zakharko - consultant software development

PD Dr Gerold Schneider - consultant software development

BA Stefan Vranković - software engineer





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Dr Agnes Kolmer

Managing director of LiRI

Phone: +41 (0)44 63 45 747


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