About us

LiRI Board

Prof Elisabeth Stark - leader of the LiRI project, co-leader URPP Language and Space, vice president of the Center for Linguistics, professor of Romance Linguistics

Prof Martin Meyer - representative LiRI DAU (Data Acquisition Units), Titularprofessor of Neuropsychology and Research Assistant, Division of Neuropsychology

Prof Noah Bubenhofer - representative LIS (LiRI Information System), professor of German Linguistics

Further project members

Prof Volker Dellwo - LiRI DAU Phonetics, president of the executive board of the Center for Linguistics, head of the Phonetics Lab and of the Center for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics, professor of Phonetics

Prof Sabine Stoll -  LiRI DAU Language Development, director of  ISLE and Psycholinguistics Laboratory, professor of Comparative Linguistics

PD Dr Wolfgang Kesselheim - LiRI DAU Interactional studies, leader of the Video group at URPP Language and Space Lab

Dr Agnes Kolmer - Operative manager of LiRI and managing director of the URPP Language and Space


MA Stefan Bircher - LiRI system administrator, network management & scientific programming

Dr Johannes Graën - database engineering and programming, head of LiRI techteam

MSc Ghazi Hachfi - assistant LiRI techteam

Dr Lei He - LiRI lab manager

Dr Dagmar Jung - data acquisition officer, with a focus on fieldwork-based data acquisition

Dr Agnes Kolmer - operative leader of LiRI, management

MA Adrian van der Lek - assistant LiRI techteam

MSc Nikolina Rajović - linguistic application integration engineer

Dr Peter Ranacher - spatial data scientist

MA Klaus Rothenhäusler - scientific programmer with specialization in natural language processing

Cooperation partners

S3IT / Service and Support for Science IT, Dr Marcel Riedi

HBZ / Main Library, Data Services and Open Access, Dr Andrea Malits, MA Florian Steurer

CLARIN, negotiations by Prof Marianne Hundt

SAGW, Dr Beat Immenhauser

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof Shanley E.M. Allen, TU Kaiserslautern, professor of Psycholinguistics and Language Development, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences TU Kaiserslautern

Prof Lars Borin, University of Gothenburg, professor of natural language processing, co-director of Swedish Language Bank, national coordinator of SWE-CLARIN

Prof Anne-Lise Giraud, Université de Genève, professor of Auditory, Speech and Language Neuroscience, Geneva University Neurocenter, Auditory Language Group

Prof Stuart Rosen, University College London UCL, professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences, UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences

Prof Lukas Rosenthaler, University of Basel, Manager Data & Service Center for the Humanities DaSCH, Digital Humanities Lab


PD Dr Gerold Schneider - consultant LIS software development

BA Stefan Vranković - LIS software development

Dr Taras Zakharko - consultant LIS software development