Contact information

Do you want to contact LiRI experts? We are happy to start conversations with you and to give more information about working with the LiRI devices and information system:

Contact LiRI lab: MA Andrew Clark,, phone: 044 63 52 131

Contact Team Language Technology: Dr Johannes Graën,, phone: 044 63 52 133

Contact LiRI statistical consulting: Dr. Andri Manser,, phone: 044 63 52 134

Contact LiRI data acquisition officer: Dr Dagmar Jung,


LiRI at Andreasstrasse 15, 8050 Zürich


AND 2.76 and AND 4.76 (LiRI language technology)

AND 2.80 (lab management and data acquisition consulting)

AND 4.67 (statistical consulting)

Follow the link to access the UZH map AND: Link zu AND map