Language Stats

A statistical support service for linguists and language scientists by the Linguistic Research Infrastructure (LiRI) and the NCCR Evolving Language.

LiRI offers advice and support with all kinds of statistical tasks, such as experimental design, sample size, evaluation of statistical methods, organization of data, implementation of analyses (e.g. help with code writing), presentation and interpretation of results. LiRI statisticians can perform statistical analyses for researchers and will provide results in the desired form. They will also help with the development of new statistical approaches required to address specific research questions, such as model formulation or test construction. They will be pleased to contribute to publications or to engage in longer-term collaborations with project teams. Statistical services are offered to students, postdocs and senior researchers independently of whether LiRI facilities are used to collect and store the data.

The first hour of consultation is free of charge. Subsequently, early career researchers can apply for funding from LiZZ: Link