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LiRI - Linguistic Research Infrastructure

Lab Fees

Lab & Loan Equipment Fees

Below you will find costs for the use of the LiRI by academic users. Commercial users should contact LiRI for a project specific costing. The use of LiRI for BA and MA projects is free; however, it is still subject to availability and the normal project approval process. PhD students need to meet the costs of their project, however they can apply to LiZZ for a voucher to cover the lab costs. More information can found on the LiZZ website

Costings for grants

If you are preparing a grant application, please contact us for a formal grant costing. Please contact us well in advance of the deadline and include as much information about each experiment you plan to run in your email, so that we can provide an accurate costing.

The costing will remain valid provided the grant is awarded with in 12 months of the costing being issued and the costs will be valid for the duration of the grant.


Lab Fees

Costs for using the lab are divided into two parts: a space charge for testing booths charged at an hourly rate and device charges which include consumables which are charged per participant tested.

Lab space Price per hour

Recording booth 15 CHF
EEG booth 15 CHF
Testing cubicle 5 CHF

Participant Charges

The participant charge includes both the use of the device and all required consumables.

Device Participant Charge
EEG system (Brain Products or Biosemi) 50 CHF
Physiological Monitoring System 50 CHF
Screenbased Eyetracker 45 CHF
Electromagnetic Articulograph (EMA ) 50 CHF
Ultra-sound Tongue Imaging (UTI) 45 CHF
 Laryngograph (EGG) 25 CHF
Motion Tracker 45 CHF
Plethysmograph (Breathing belt) 25 CHF

Equipment Loan Fees

The minimum period for a loan is one week and the maximum length for a loan is 12 weeks. The loans can be extended on request (subject to availability). The loan for the first week is charged at a higher rate than those for remaining duration of the loan.

After twelve weeks, loan equipment must be returned. A new can be requested to start immediately after the pervious loan has ended (subject to availability). This new loan will include the initial week charge.

Note: If you intend to pay costs for loan equipment with SNSF funds, and these were not included in your initial funding application, please check with the SNSF, if they cover the costs.

Device First Week Subsequent Weeks

Portable screenbased Eyetracker

  (Includes laptop with licensed software)

370 CHF 22 CHF
Wearable Eyetracker 110 CFH 20 CHF

LENA Basic Kit

  (Includes laptop with Lena Pro and 2 DLPs)

180 CHF 20 CHF
Additional LENA DLP 15 CHF 7 CHF
Fieldwork camera (Zoom Q8) 46 CHF 12 CHF
Camera Kit (SONY PXW-Z90) 60 CHF 22 CHF

EEG system

  (Includes Consumables and host laptop)

560 CHF 100 CHF
fNIRS 460 CHF 100 CHF
Transcranial Electrical Stimulator 100 CHF 20 CHF
Ultra-sound Tongue Imaging (UTI) 150 CHF 20 CHF
Electroglottography or Breathing Belt 40 CHF 20 CHF
Phonetics Field Kit (Zoom H5 & Microphones 45 CHF 20 CHF
Accessories (Audio interfaces, Trigger boxes etc) 45 CHF 20 CHF
Laptop or dongle with licensed software 177 CHF 20 CHF

Technical Support

Four hours of support time is included as part of all lab projects to cover basic set-up, configuration and calibration of experiments. Additional time for technical support, programming or training is billed on an hourly basis.

UZH members and research collaborators 75 CHF
Members of other academic or public institutions 117 CHF