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LiRI - Linguistic Research Infrastructure

  • View into the Speech Lab

    View into the Speech Lab

  • Recording booth

    Recording Booth

  • An EEG Participant doing a speaker recognition task

    EEG Experiment

  • Preparing an EMA experiment

    Setting up an EMA Experiment

  • Focusing the eye tracker

    Focusing an eye tracker

Lab and equipment

The LiRI lab for experimental research is equipped with a bundle of data acquisition units, mainly for use in phonetics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. They are available to researchers and to external partners. If you are interested to use them, please contact Andrew Clark, the LiRI lab manager, by email:

Further details about the rules and regulations for the lab use and the equipment can be found on our LiRI Wiki.


The LiRI Lab

The lab can be devided into three main parts: the speech lab, EEG booths and behavioral testing cubicles.  The speech lab consists of five recording booths that can be used for indevidual experiments or simultaniously allowing for up to five participants to interact in the same experiment.  Each booth is fitted with recording equipent.  Two of the booths are seperated by and accoustic window for visual contact between participants.  All five booth are fitted with an AV system that also allows for visual contact between each booth.

The three behavioral testing cubicles are each fitted with identical setups for running either screening tasks or behavioural experiments.

Finally, there are also two electromagnetically shielded booth for running EEG experiments.  The booth are equiped for running high dencity experiments with up to 160 channels and have the possibility of registering electrode positions.


Lab Equipment

The lab is equipt with a wide range of equipment alowing the investication of any aspect of language. Beyond simple recording the speech lab also has an Electromagnetic Articulograph (EMA), Ultrasound Tongue Imaging (UTI) system, laryngographs and a number of other devidces for speech research.

For investigating the relationship between language and the brain the lab has three EEG systems: two Brain Products ActiChap amplifyers (up to 160 channels) and a BioSemi ActiveII amplfyer (up to 128 channels).  The Biosemi system includes the 'high-speed' option making it suitble for experiments examening early auditory responces.  There is also an fNIRS system and an electrical neuromodulation system.

The lab also has screen based eyetrackers, a motion tracking system, equipment for auditory screening and a system for recording a varity of physiologic responces.

A full equipment list can be found here.

Loan equipment

The equipment loan service includes the equipment that you would expect for field reseach including audio recorders, micrphones and video cameras.  There is also wide varity of equipment available so that experiments can be conducted in the field or used at other instutions.  This includes EEG systems, wearable and screen based eyetackers, & fNIRS. 

A full list of the availabe loan equipment can be found here.


LiRI also has licences for a varity of software both for experiment presentation and data analysis.  These are available both for loan with a laptop or on a dedicated data processing system in the lab.  LiRI also hosts its own RedCap server for research data collection and serveys.  LiII also has a lab subscription to the Gorilla online experiment platform.

A full list of the availabe software can be found here.

Mailing List for Studies

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To help researchers and potential participants find each other, the LiRI lab operates a mailing list. Subscribe here:mailing list.Flyer

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Contact LiRI lab

MA Andrew Clark

LiRI lab manager

Phone: +41 (0)44 63 52 131

How to find the lab

Room: AND -1.77

Directions: here.


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