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LiRI cooperates with SMD (Schweizer Mediendatenbank AG) to make the Swissdox database easily accessible to researchers. The database includes about 29 million media articles (press, online) from a wide range of Swiss media sources covering many decades, and is updated daily with about 5'000 to 6'000 new articles from the German and French speaking parts of Switzerland.

Service and conditions

Data stock comes from our partner CH Media, NZZ media group, Ringier, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz and TX Group (Tamedia), SRF/SRG and Wochenzeitung, overall 250 sources with planned further expansion. Usage possibilities:

  • access to Swissdox database with API
  • designed for big data analyses
  • for project related academic use only
  • data may be enriched optionally, automatically processed and analyzed
  • raw data (but not derivates) have to be deleted six months after project completion
  • data may not be shared with others (third parties)
  • it is not allowed to receive all the data
  • contents received from Swissdox must to be stored in one's own IT infrastructure (at an academic institution)


LiRI aims at providing the Swissdox service to the academic community at cost price. To achieve this, the yearly costs for fees and for data management at UZH (roughly CHF 180'000 per year) have to be financed.

Two types of contracts are offered, one type for supporters and another one for users.


Academic institutions (for example universities, libraries, departments) pay CHF 20'000 per year for an unlimited quantity of subscribers. The contract runs for an indefinite period, with two years as period of notice at mid-year. Repayment is guaranteed, what means that acquired surplus is payed back to supporters if annual earnings exceed CHF 180'000 in a year.


Four user categories are distinguished:

A) Institutional user with up to 50 projects: CHF 10'000 per year (with 10% discount for a five year contract: CHF 45'000)

B) Institutional user with up to 20 projects: CHF 5'000 per year (with 10% discount for a five year contract: CHF 22'500)

C) Research project with a maximum of three subscribers: CHF 3'500 per year

D) Single data query of 100'000 articles: CHF 1'000


Please also consider using the access provided by University Libraries through to browse and search the archive and download individual texts! Our offer aims at big data analysis of media articles.

Roadmap for the year 2022